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    What's the difference between an appointment card and a business card? Most printers will tell you they're the same, but we bet you can't find a patient coordinator who would agree. That's why at The Healthcare Paper Co, we sell both. And you can rest assured that our only choice for appointment cards won't leave your front desk team covered in ink.

    Finding the right talent and resources to source the printed materials you need shouldn't be hard.

    Our experienced healthcare professionals have the industry knowledge to produce healthcare-specific documents and printed materials quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. From single print orders to turnkey material production or anything in between, choose as much or as little as you need.

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  • The Healthcare Paper Co

    The cost-effective, tailored solution for printed healthcare materials

    Printing Services

    Healthcare providers are plagued with having to source each unique type of printed material from a different location. We eliminate this burden by centralizing access to the materials needed by healthcare professionals at prices competitive with mass online printing companies.

    Graphic Design

    Expert graphic design if and when you need it. No contracts. No restrictions. Choose your needs per job. Updates and small edits are always free. Cost-effective pricing, incredible service, superior outcomes.

    Healthcare Copywriting

    Copywriting services from experienced healthcare professionals. Our copywriters are healthcare professionals who provide copywriting services, not copywriters who focus on healthcare. The difference optimizes content quality, turnaround, and cost.

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    Door-direct shipping across the continental U.S. We can customize shipping to one or more locations. Standard delivery is always free.


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    Turnkey consultative material production - one time, all the time, or never. It's your choice. Just give us a general definition of what you need, and have us serve your organization as if we were in-house.

    Printed Materials Management Systems

    Document control, version control, and order control.